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Two Reasons

There are two reasons why I started art again, but for a moment let me step back in time. When I was young, I used to love drawing, especially Dungeon and Dragons scenes. My brother taught me the game, but I think I liked it because of the art. During that time I used markers and crayons. Later I tried oil painting. My parents saved the first oil painting I did of roses. Art comes in many forms, it can be shards of glass, heat and water, like when I did two stained glass pieces (one is a flower, it is in my art studio and one is a swan, which hangs in the picture window). Art can be tasty too, such as cake decorating - it was a lot of work, but so much fun! Art can be delicate too with thread and needles in jewelry making. Other than the cake decorating (which I started when I found out I was pregnant for my son).... most of my art making stopped when my son was born. Between baby blues and no sleep and then teaching him and being totally fascinated with how he learned.. And then finding out I had breast cancer.. well, art wasn't in the schedule.

This changed not long ago, maybe less than a year. Gregory started taking online art classes, which was due to Covid. The art classes were for kids only, but he wanted me to stay by his side and help him if he didn't understand what the teacher was saying (some of the teachers were from different countries). While I watched my son do art, my fingers started to twitch. My muse was waking up from a long slumber.

I started to draw and paint. I took online classes and learned how to laugh and enjoy art again. It was a huge part in not holding hands with cancer's depression. It takes my mind away from the what if's, what next.... the "what shoe will drop next" that every cancer patient understands too well. Art helped me scream, cry and smile on the pages.

Will I use this blog to post more? Who knows... just trying it out for a moment. Right now I'm painting and drawing and loving mixed media but I remember the fun I had with the other arts too....

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1 Comment

Didi Breazeale
Didi Breazeale
Jul 05, 2022

Aleta, I've enjoyed looking through your website. I love your art work! And I love that you've arranged it the way you have......even having a section for some of your son's work also showcasing several other types of art you've dappled in earlier. (which I love btw...I've always been amazed at your beading designs) Thanks for sharing here!

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