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My Art in The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, Washington DC

A while ago, with my cousin's encouragement, I sent her two pieces of artwork for the HOPE project at the Smith Center in Maryland. The artist is making huge letters “HOPE” and in each letter of the word, a variety of 9x9 paintings will be enclosed. They had a lot of submissions. My cousin, her sister and my artwork were approved to be a part of the HOPE words. Part of my heart is in the art... that’s the case with art.. I said a prayer when I sent my art in that I hoped it would bring encouragement, peace and HOPE to the cancer patients and families that might see the art exhibit. Yesterday, my cousin sent me a video. Of the art submitted, 26 art panels were chosen to be displayed at The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery in Washington, DC. All three of us made it to the 26! How thoughtful to receive the video - she starts it going into the gallery, showing the paragraph that I wrote as part of the submission (each artist did this) and then where my art is hanging. It will make it back to the HOPE words, but the gallery wanted to display 26 panels in the meantime. I’m honored. Art is healing for me, but I never thought I’d see anything I made in a gallery, so thank you, sweet cousin, for your encouragement and support!  My cousin wrote back, "I am so so proud of you and your work. I brought someone into the gallery on Wednesday when I was at Schar. It touched her so much! I am so proud of you, your talent and your courage! Your work will touch so many lives! More than you will ever know! Keep creating! Keep sharing your gifts! So so proud of you! Only a small number of artwork was chosen for the gallery! And your beautiful work was chosen!"  


Below is an example of a HOPE sign with the various art paintings.  My painting will be in something similar in Washington, DC after the Gallery.

IMG_6989 3.jpg

The HOPE project was completed.  Both of my paintings are now part of this wonderful project!  Sending prayers, healing and hope.

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